Welcome to the world

of Crazy Bitcoins!

Floor Price: 0.007 ETH

Top Price: 420 ETH

NFT Collection of 7,777 unique characters created by Valentin Albert. Owning a Crazy Bitcoin means joining to a family full of people who believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. The aim of the Project is bringing light into people’s life with the power of consciousness and choice of ease.

7,777 Unique Bitcoins

The CryptoPunks inspired collection has over 100 different layers including backgrounds, bodies, mouth, eyes, jewelry, accessories etc. The collection is full of randomly generated unique characters of these layers. All of the Crazy Bitcoins meet on the blockchain to have some fun together!

“Enjoy your life and live every moment of it. When you get the fact that nothing really matters that’s the moment when you experience freedom. Be the creator of your life because the potential of your existance is absolutely endless…”

– Valentin Albert

#1 Beginnings

After a trip to Amsterdam the theme of  Crazy Bitcoins NFT Collection was finally born. However the idea of the Project has a very long past.

The first stage is about publishing the NFT  Collection and gworing our family. If we rach our goal of selling out a huge amount of the collection we can keep continue building our world.

#2 Token Launch

We’ll take care of the development in long term so we will launch Crazy Bitcoin Token [CBT]. Every NFT holder will receive CBT tokens just for being a member of our family.

We would like to get CBT listed on many exchanges as well. Just think about Doge or Shiba… you don’t want to miss the next one!

#3 Shops & Clubs

As a group of open-minded crypto enthusiasts & enlightened innovators we want to  bring light into people’s life.

How we are going to do that remains a secret for now, however we will focus on entering to Metaverse, too.

Meet the Team


Marketing & Design. One of the sharpest knife in the drawer.


Development. The lady of freedom.


The Head of Team.


Founder & Art. Open-minded guy who makes dreams come true.

The kid

Development. The one who inspires the team.


Social Media. He is the master of the words.

We are proud of our NFT Collection and we really do believe in the success of the project. The Crazy Bitcoin Token will be more than just a meme token and once we launch it the average price of our NFT Collection will probably increase. Please join to our Telegram Group and contribute with your positive energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to this link or click the button on the website. Purchase can be made through Opensea NFT marketplace.

Sometimes we do. Join to our Telegram Group for the updates.

It really depends on you. You can hold and wait for the average price increasing or resell it immediately. However all the Crazy Bitcoin holders will be able to receive CBT once we launch our token.

The actual floor price is 0.07 ETH, however the average price of our collection is 0.25 ETH at the moment of publishing the collection.

Usually we do not accept offers below the listing price but feel free to make an offer for characters which are not listed for sell.

The Metaverse is the World 3.0. The word refers to a shared virtual reality where everything and anything can be bought and sold just like on the markets, using cryptocurrency.

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